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The Holistic Choices 
Of True Health Management

"Greater informed health choices result in authentic, true health vibrancy, leading to many surprising, profound life changes, and have more far reaching effects in the world than you might ever imagine. Therefore, making the world a better place simply begins with transforming the inner universe within your body--your own health--and then everything else falls into place, naturally." 

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 Awaken Your Hidden Human Potential
Health Transformations: Igniting Your Greater Human Potential
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Health Transformations: 
Igniting Your Greater Human Potential

It's the personal choices you make every day that determine your state of health, and they have a greater far reaching impact than you might think. Those choices determine whether you are putting yourself in the disease process, or if you are preventing it. Any likelihood of succumbing to a variety of degenerative, deficiency diseases that severely affect your quality of life and limit your life choices depends on the amount of correct scientific knowledge you acquire about how your body works, and becoming aware of the many factors that affect people's health at this time.

Therefore, learning what needs to be done to prevent you from becoming a victim requires stopping all the nonsense and focusing only on the fundamental science of your own physiology. Without this strong foundation of knowledge, you will be snowed right and left with the overwhelming amount of hype thrown at you from the media, online marketers, your own medical practitioner, the local health store employee, and well meaning friends.

Currently, achieving uncommonly vibrant health is generally considered to be the exception, where over 80% of the population in the U.S. is obese, has heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or many other degenerative conditions. 

With millions of people suffering from some kind of diminished health condition for at least the last two generations, it is now perceived to be the norm, but most importantly, millions of people whose health is diminished do not realize that this trend is far from normal. 

The real problem is, very few know the many reasons why they are sick or the many factors that have led them to their current state of health, and many millions of people are functioning at diminished capacities and don't even realize it, or if they do realize it, they don't know what to do about it.

The only way to fix this epidemic of physical deterioration, impaired brain functioning and diminished cognitive awareness is to understand and change the many factors that have reduced a person's whole health potential and therefore their true capacity as a vibrant, highly evolved human being.

Getting to the true root of the problem means acquiring the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge in order to steer clear of the overwhelming amount of false and misleading information that is causing so much confusion, fear and woefully misguided health management choices.

If the health advice you have received so far has not resulted in all of the following health attributes, then it is likely incomplete, incorrect, or only partial advice, and it is probable that the person who advised you may not be properly qualified.

For true health to occur, all aspects of an individual's health and well being must be addressed. A person who is in the state of true, whole health experiences the following:

  • Noticeable health improvements within days or a couple of weeks.
  • Improvement in daily physical stamina and mental energy.
  • Alleviation of a variety of general aches and pains, headaches, and many other chronic health problems.
  • Consistently feeling energetic and being more productive in daily activities.
  • Improved brain functioning: improved focus, concentration and learning capacity.
  • Improved cognitive functioning and psychological steadiness.
  • Negative thoughts replaced by new perspectives and positive thoughts.
  • Perceive stress differently, make decisions calmly and rationally.
  • Improved ability to interact with others, improved relationships.
  • Experiencing feelings of happiness and inner calm in spite of life's challenges.
  • Better able to handle stress and solve problems; taking more positive action, being more proactive rather than reactive.
  • Increased desire to expand on life's possibilities and make new life changes and decisions.
  • Increased personal courage; self- belief and self-confidence to accomplish anything they desire.
  • Realizing your own unique gifts, talents, skills and knowledge, and wanting to share what you know and can do with the world.
  • Realizing life’s infinite possibilities and being excited about it.
  • Exhibiting greater charisma and looking and feeling absolutely vibrant.
  • Attracting and being a greater inspiration to others.
  • Improved energy that can be felt by others in their presence.
  • Gaining greater credibility as a true health advocate and in other areas of life.
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Mary Esther Gilbert Holistic Choices

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