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Launch Date: January 1, 2017

Mary Esther Miranda Gilbert
Founder, CEO, Publishing Editor

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 Dear Fellow Truth Seeker,
The True Health Journaltm  is a new publication that has finally arrived to help rescue the sick conditions in which millions of people find themselves victims and who suffer for years, unable to enjoy their lives, or who die too soon and unnecessarily.

If those unfortunate individuals had only known how they could have avoided this tragedy. This is the very reason the True Health Journaltm  was created.
The informative, impacting articles in the forthcoming bi-monthly True Health Journaltm  will continually inform you about the multiple aspects of building and protecting your health. You can finally end the confusion about the right choices you need to make about which foods to eat and your essential nutritional requirements, the right types of exercise for your body, and which toxic consumer products to avoid that are known to harm your health and the environment. 

Staying informed through a True Health Journaltm  subscriber membership allows you to distinguish the massive amounts of misinformation being distributed and reinforced throughout the population, and enables you to see through the misleading dogma and advertising propaganda that may have led you astray in your health management quest and search for truth and knowledge.
As a Subscriber Member, and just through your highly informed health management choices you make for your own health improvement, health maintenance and protection, you become part the growing true health movement that is finally exposing the multi-industry, multi-trillion dollar disease care agenda that keeps the public misinformed, sick and in debt.

The THJ helps you to become a more savvy, discriminating and knowledgeable, no nonsense truth seeker, capable of reaching your greatest level of true health, while automatically driving real change just through your informed and empowered, easy, rewarding and exciting health improvement choices.
This is possibly the only publication dedicated to teaching its subscriber members how to avoid falling victim to the all-too-common degenerative diseases that frighteningly affect two out of every three people today.  

The True Health Journaltm Subscriber Member learning opportunities at your disposal reveal to you the empowering choices that lead you away from the degenerative, debilitating disease process that comes from making misinformed health management choices, and guides you toward the optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength and health vibrancy that opens the gateway for new life possibilities.
This unprecedented, educational and life changing monthly online publication is the only thorough, scientific and holistic true health guide that addresses the many factors that affect your health and that of the planet.

Achieving a true health transformation from sickness to optimal health vibrancy begins with the proper care and maintenance of the micro inner universe within all of the human body's interdependent, communicating and interactive, trillions of cells that compose all of the body's systems.

This requires a compilation of scientific knowledge of one's own nutritional physiology, holistic perspectives and a regenerative, replenishing mindset in every choice we humans make in our daily lives.
As a True Health Journaltm  Subscriber Member, you acquire vital truths and essential knowledge that transform your health and are absolutely life changing.The True Health Journal's goal is to become your nutritional and vibrant living publication, where the answers you seek are satisfied, and the results you get are rewarding on many surprising levels.
The reason for The True Health Journal's existence is to provide an efficient, direct approach to inform you how to achieve the greatest level of whole health possible, to be instrumental in making poor health a thing of your past, to live a life as your higher, most authentic self, and to enable you to pass on a priceless legacy of vibrant health tenets to future generations.
While improving your own health in alignment with universal natural laws that includes environmentally conscious, sustainable choices, and as an inhabitant of this beautiful world heading toward its pinacle of danger, you participate in the health and healing of yourself, and by natural extension, all living things and the Earth.
The True Health Journaltm  helps bring the vital news and information needed to bring people together in health, peace and harmony and to act as a formidable force of humanity against those who indifferently pursue only profits without caring about your health and the condition of the Earth. 

Protecting your health freedom and human rights, bringing about justice and enacting change to preserve this billion year old legacy of healthy life abundance on Earth has reached a tipping point, as we humans cannot afford to remain complacent, nor abuse our health and the planet any longer.
The fact that every other person now has some kind of health condition or is at risk for one or more common degenerative diseases, is ultimately reflected by the health management choices he or she has made. Those same choices can encourage the behavior of entire industries. If we buy products and eat foods that ultimately cause harm to your health and also destroy the Earth, the only ones that profit are the producers of those harmful products. 

The polluted conditions of the world's lands and water sources, garbage-filled oceans, destruction of essential ecosystems and tearing down entire mountains through fracking and increasing desertification through non-sustainable farming and logging or other overuse of the Earth's resources only create hostile conditions that destroy life and which directly affect your health and the future of humankind. 

The THJ helps bridge the gap between how you manage your health and how we as individuals and as an entire species can particpate in protecting our planet. Your individual and personal everyday choices of what you eat, the products you buy, and the things you choose to study and learn about can either empower your life or destroy it, can contribute to influencing peace and harmony or contribute to greed, corruption, exploitation, pollution and war. 
As a Subscriber Member to The True Health Journaltm,, you have access to online seminars and courses and opportunities to participate in contributing to solutions and mobilization of real beneficial change to all people and all living things.

In teaching my clients for over three decades the holistic true health principles of authentic whole health, I have been privileged to witness a typical and inevitable profound shift as one's greater whole human potential is revealed, which naturally leads to elevated, enriched life transformations.

Through each monthly issue, I wish to share with member subscribers the answers and solutions, the  no-nonsense, factual ways about how to become optimally healthy human beings so that we as a species can become part of the solution for real change and ensure a sustainable future for humankind. In complete cooperation with nature, rather than trying to conquer it, which historically, has never worked, you must be correctly informed as to the science of how your body works and is critically interdependent with the state of the planet.
As a Subscriber Member of this interactive online magazine and learning community, the THJ provides you with opportunities to address your individual concerns and get your questions answered, for your feedback and participation as a learner and seeker are essential in order for you to thrive, as opposed to falling victim to the disease process to which so many have succumbed because, frighteningly, many citizens do not know the truth.

The current state of sickness, chronic ailments, aches and pains and diseased conditions of the population is not normal. The degradation and deterioration of the human genome or the genetic code of our species must be halted, which is why your authentic health is vitally needed in the world.
I hope you share my vision of providing the rightful information you and so many others deserve so that collectively, we human beings can continue to gather to make a difference, reversing human suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and forming a new paradigm in how we live our lives and how we manage all aspects of cohesive living as individuals, families, communities, cities, states and countries.

We cannot escape that we are either contributors to the ecology of the entire planet, starting with our own inner ecology. Which direction we contribute is each and everyone's responsibility. Polluted, malnourished bodies equals degenerative diseased conditions; a cleansed environment can only result from non-polluting choices and choosing non-toxic foods and products.

The True Health Journaltm  brings you the information you need to clean up your inner biological terrain and by extension, automatically contribute toward a cleaner, healthier, thriving planet.

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Experience the inevitable, surprising personal and health transformations waiting to be discovered, and what it can mean for you for the rest of your life.
I invite you to join The True Health Journaltm and receive my free ebook: "The Ten Tenets of Lifelong, Vibrant Health", an invaluable reference guide for preventing the debilitative and degenerative health conditions so common today, but are far from normal.
The THJ is your reliable source for building true health and achieving true health mastery, which invariably inspires and influences others to do the same.
The True Health Journaltm  shows Subscriber Members how to stay in alignment with the universal natural laws that govern your health to ensure your success in transforming how you look, feel, think, and how you create your life and influence or inspire others. 

Your optimal health is of vital importance, as it is also critical at this point in human history that millions of individuals like you collectively take back the right to a healthier, peaceful, sustainably and perpetually regenerative world, now and for future generations, through the simple power of your own true health choices.
With great caring and in true health,
Mary Esther Miranda Gilbert, MS HN, BS NSP
Founder, CEO, Publishing Editor, The True Health Journaltm

Your health and the course of your life are likely to change profoundly as a True Health Journaltm  Subscriber Member .  Join the community of true health seekers who are changing the world--choice by choice.

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