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    Host Carl Tichenor and Co-host Mary Esther Gilbert

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Ms.Gilbert discusses the science behind the APL nutraceutical supplements and how the body uses them to improve functioning in the various body systems and dramatically improve one's health. (Order Below)

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  • Extensively researched, scientific, evidence-based Monographs on all botanicals in the 14 APL formulations.
  • Complete descriptions of every single ingredient's nutrient factors and their functional health benefits.
  • Convenient, quick reference charts.
  • Business and legal guidelines.
  • Extensive Encyclopedia Compendium of Terms.
  • Phytonutrient Monographs of phytochemicals contained in APL products.
  • Hundreds of scientific references throughout the book for building further knowledge about the studies conducted on every botanical ingredient's health improving properties.
  • And much more.

Why You Should Have It

  • Expands and increases knowledge to more effectively share information about the superfood botanicals' functional health benefits in the APL products, which compels people to trust the products and get the results they need.
  • Provides the knowledge and credibility you need to succeed.
  • Educates and informs to help you manage your own nutritional health management most effectively.

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The APL Product Reference 
Nutritional Health Guide

The Educational and Information Sharing Tool 
For APL Representatives and Customers

"The APL Product Reference & Nutritional Health Guide hard copy is out! I just received it in the mail. What a resource! The charts are very detailed and depicts the APL drop formulations' product ingredients in vibrant colors. It's chock full of info that should make any APL business builder very knowledgeable about what we have our hands on!"   C.T., Phoenix

"Wonderful! What an amazing tool this is for us! L.Y., American Canyon

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Important:  please view the instructions in the video below to avoid confusion and avoid making the wrong purchase. You need to avoid accidentally purchasing an online only version that is difficult to read. (If you want the high quality eBook, see above.)

After clicking on the "Order Hard Copy Here" link below it will take you to the ordering site (the Joomag Newsstand). When you arrive there, please DO NOT click on the red purchase button at the ordering site. To get your printed hard copy, click on the blue "Hard Copy" button there instead. 

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  • Become Highly Informed About the APL Product Formulations; Increase Your Credibility and Professional Image

  • Increase Your Scientific Knowledge About the APL Drops' Extraordinary Efficacy

  • Increase Knowledge About the Body's Nutritional Physiology for More Effective Personal Health Management

  • Learn Why The APL Nutraceutical Drops Are Revolutionizing the Nutritional Supplements Industry

The APL Product Reference and Nutritional Health Guide
By Mary Esther Gilbert, MS, BS 

Images Courtesy of Ageo Product Line, LLC, ©2018

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