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Berkey Water Purifying Micro Filtration System
Berkey Filters Effectively Restore Water For Safe Drinking

Remove Toxic Metals And All Other    Contaminants
Sparkling Clean and Delicious Results!

Berkey Water Filtration Sport Bottle

Fluoride Shower Filters

Effectively reduces the following water contaminants:

  • Fluoride
  • Pre-oxidized Arsenic III and Arsenic V
  • MTBE
  • Other heavy metal ions

Filtering Fluoride From Your Drinking Water Controversy

The Berkey fluoride water filter uses a time tested method that was developed to reduce fluoride in your drinking water. Berkey developed this filter to address the concerns of the many who find the practice of adding fluoride to drinking water questionable or unacceptable.

Fluoride has been deliberately added to many municipal water supplies since the 1950's. This common practice is now becoming more controversial to say the least.

New reports and studies about the harmful effects of adding fluoride to drinking water are emerging.



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