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Botanical Groupings Charts 

Quick Reference Charts for Functional Cellular Nourishment Choices 

The botanical groupings on these handy reference charts list their synergistic actions for:

  • Nourishing and rebalancing the various body systems

  •  Restoring and maintaining optimal functioning. 

Note: these charts are excerpts from Mary Esther Gilbert's previous book, "The APL Product Reference Nutritional Health Guide", now out of print. 

However, the new and revised version, now titled: "Potent Superfoods for Lifelong True Health", includes all botanicals in the previous version, and more:

  • Over 100  detailed botanical scientific monographs in an easy-to-read format.

  • Beautifully illustrated with stunning photos.

  • Extensive evidence-backed reference source lists for your confirmation and further research.

  • Comprehensive vital phytonutrients database--learning their vast, incredible health benefits.

  • New reference charts for associating botanicals with specific body system malfunctions and deficiencies.

  • Encyclopedia/dictionary compendium of scientific terms for greater comprehension.

  • Complete nutrient functions section.

  • Natural additives, colorants, preservatives versus synthetic versions. 

  • Introduction to the healing energy frequencies of whole foods; awakening the mind/body/soul with healing foods.

Order the improved charts from the original book below, and also order the invaluable new book that should be on the desks of every holistic-minded practitioner, every home, office library, nutrition shop and college and public bookstore!

When you complete your purchase here, visit the page Books by Mary Esther Gilbert on this website to also purchase "Potent Superfoods for Lifelong True Health", a reference you'll refer to for years to come. Available in print or ebook.

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