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How is the Health of Your Employees Affecting Your Company? 

"An optimally healthy individual is a happier person who has the physical energy, higher efficiency, greater mental acuity and self-confidence that defines an ideal employee.

Imagine an entire staff whose health vibrancy represents your company's image and impacts the way your clients and customers respond to it."

Esther guides, supports and empowers individuals with the right knowledge for sustaining lifelong, vibrant health.

With the whole health nutrition, fitness and lifestyle education your employees receive in her consultations and classes, your employees learn a lifelong true health management system that is transformational in every aspect of life.

Consider this the investment of a lifetime--the most important one you will ever make that can protect your valued employees from falling victim to the collapsing corporate profit system of "disease care", and directly affects your bottom line. The strength of your business depends on a strong, energetic workforce willing and able to sustain it.

Nutrient density in food selections is the fundamental basis from which to improve and protect one's health, enhancing the body's innate capacity for generating abundant natural energy, sharpening mental acuity and positively impacting one's life.

When the human body is correctly nourished at the cell level with the very nutrient substances it needs to function optimally and thrive, many disease risks can be avoided and many conditions improved in all body systems:

Arthritis, Athletic Performance, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Degenerative Discs,

Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Fertility, Fibromyalgia, Glandular System, Heart

Disease, Hormonal Disruptions, Imbalances, Hypertension (High Blood Pressure),

Immune System, Infections, Inflammation, Injuries, Irritable BowelSyndrome (IBS),

Liver Conditions, Lymph System, Nervous System, Nutritional and

Dietary Imbalances, Obesity, Preparing For Pregnancy, Pregnancy and Post

Partum, Skin Conditions, Sports Nutrition, Surgery: Pre-Surgery Preparation and

Post- Surgery Recovery, Toxicity, Urinary Tract/Kidney Health.

Experience the Rewarding Benefits of

Investing in Your Employees' Greater Health Potential

Your employees will learn why and how they will be able to:

Improve job performance, enhance positive mental attitude, reduce absenteeism due to frequent or chronic illness by mastering their food choices.

Reduce the physiological effects of stress that impact health, improve feelings of well being and inner calm that results from mastering their wellness through well-informed nutrition.

Improve the body's biochemistry and biochemical balance, which in turn improves interpersonal interactions at work and at home.

Experience surprising, positive transformations in personal insights and perspectives, attitudes, and interactions.

Improve memory and concentration, mental focus, and improve job performance.

Ignite the true energy production in the body's trillions of interactive cells that compose all body systems, fluids and structures, resulting in sustained physical energy and on-the-job stamina.

Improve personal morale through a higher level of well being, resulting in greater on-the-job efficiency and productivity.

Cost To Employers is Optional

Employees May Also Pay Out-of-Pocket

Option 1: Individual Private Consultation in Person

$139.00 Per 3 Hour Initial Consultation

  • After the initial contact with the individual employee, which is a data gathering interview with the nutritionist, a 50% deposit is required for proceeding with conducting the employee's nutritional assessment/analysis.

  • This deposit is due before the comprehensive nutritional analysis/assessment will be performed, and due at least one week prior to the consultation session appointment. This saves an extra step in helping your employee implement their personalized health-improvement protocol.

  • Travel expenses apply to Arizona residents over a ten mile distance from the city of Surprise, Arizona.

  • In-person consultations are limited to a fifty mile radius. Clients located over fifty miles from Surprise, AZ may receive consultations by telephone or other forms of media.

Option 2: Individual Private Consultations by Telephone

  • Same price as Option 1 applies minus travel expense.

Option 3: Group Class - $99 Per Enrollee

  • 5 Person minimum per class.

  • Class duration: 3 hours (can be held off business hours)

  • 50% deposit is required at least one week prior to the class to cover cost of supplies and materials and labor. This deposit is non-refundable. If payment is not received one week before the class, it will need to be rescheduled.

  • 50% of remaining balance is due and payable the day of the class. We cannot send a billing statement for later payment.

      Travel Expenses (if applicable):

  • Driving mileage: $6.00 per every 10 miles

  • Lodging: $120 per night + $75 for daily meals to and from destination.

  • Airfare: To be determined.

Option 4: Online Group Classes

  • 5 Person minimum per class.

  • Class duration: 3 hours (can be held off business hours)

  • 100% enrollment fee of $99 due at time of enrollment.

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