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For your nutritional analysis/assessment, please complete the form below and also the Client Questionnaire. The Nutritional Physiologist will then contact you to set your appointment date and time. Consultations typically run 2-3 hours. 


Note: no in-person consultations are available at this time. All consultations will be via telephone or Zoom.

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If you would like a personal consultation, please click the link for the Client Questionnaire at the top of this page. 


Individual Nutritional Consultation

Mary Esther Gilbert, MSc, BSc, a nutritional physiologist and holistic nutritional consultant with over 40 years experience and client health transformations, will guide, support and empower you with the right knowledge for sustaining lifelong, vibrant health, saving you years of effort in managing your health effectively.

Rather than trying to sort through the overwhelming and often contradictory amount of misinformation, you can distinguish fact from fallacy with her tutelage and expert guidance.

With the whole health nutrition, fitness and lifestyle education you receive during your consultation and optional follow-ups, you are empowered with a lifelong true health management system Esther developed that will inevitably enrich and transform your life.

Consider your individualized consultation the investment of a lifetime--the most important one you will ever make that will set you on the right course of lifelong, authentic health.

Nutrient dense whole nutrition is the fundamental basis from which to improve and protect your health, enhancing the body's innate capacity for generating abundant natural energy, sharpening mental acuity and enhancing your life.

When the human body is correctly nourished at the cell level with the very biologically compatible nutrient substances it needs to function optimally and thrive, many disease risks can be avoided and conditions improved in all body systems:

  • Brain and Nervous System

  • Circulatory System

  • Digestive System

  • Endocrine/Glandular - Hormonal Systems

  • Lymph/Immune System

  • Muscular System

  • Respiratory System

  • Skeletal System

  • Urinary System

Implementing the Nutritional Synergy System™©, clients and students have reported improvements with the following situations and ailments:

Arthritis, Athletic Performance, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Degenerative Discs,

Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Fertility, Fibromyalgia, Glandular System, Heart

Disease, Hormonal Disruptions, Mental Stress or Imbalances, Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Immune System, Infections, Inflammation, Injuries, Irritable BowelSyndrome (IBS), Liver Conditions, Lymph System, Nervous System, Nutritional and

Dietary Imbalances, Obesity, Preparing For Pregnancy, Pregnancy and Post

Partum, Skin Conditions, Sports Nutrition, Surgery: Pre-Surgery Preparation and

Post- Surgery Recovery, Toxicity, Urinary Tract/Kidney Health.

Confidential, Individual Nutritional Consultations

Please complete our confidential, online Client Questionnaire or contact us via email.

All Consultations By Appointment Only

Distance Consultations By Telephone, Skype, FreeConferenceCall, or Zoom.

  • Receive a Complete Nutritional Assessment/Analysis

  • Learn The Missing Nutritional Factors That May Have Led to Your Current State of Health

  • Re-learn How to Eat! Choose More Powerful Foods and Satisfying Meals More Informatively - At or Away From Home

  • Learn About the Amazing Human Body Systems and How Whole Health Nutrition Fuels and Protects Your Trillions of Innately Intelligent Communicating Cells That Determine Your Level of Health

  • Choose Foods and Supplements With the Essential Nutrients That Build a Powerful Defense Against Degenerating Health and Disease Your Whole Life

  • Learn Which Ingredients in Personal Care and Household Products Disrupt Your Body's Biochemistry and Genetic Material, Leading to Disease

  • Learn How Your Food Choices Affect Our Food Supply Now and In the Future and How the Power of One Can Create Sweeping Changes in Food's Nutrient Quality and Safety

  • Learn Why Complete and Correct Nutrition Is the Core From Which To Live Life Vibrantly and Enjoyably

  • Through Your Own Personal Food Choices, Learn How It Automatically Contributes to a Necessary Shift Toward Changjing Our Toxic World Into a Cleaner, Safer One​

$197.00 - 2-3 Hour Initial Consultation Session Includes:

  • Nutritional Analysis and Assessment

  • Individualized Nutritional Protocol Overview and Discussion

  • Personal Health Reference Manual

$79.00 - Per Each 1 Hour Follow-Up Consultation (Optional)

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