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"Save the Planet, Eat Organic"

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Health Transformations

Igniting Your Greater Health and

Human Potential Through

True Health Mastery  

"Three out of four people in the U.S. are in the disease process and don't realize it. It happens gradually, stealthily, until a seemingly sudden system breakdown event occurs. 

It is critical to understand the signs, of what your body is trying to communicate. The right knowledge can protect you from becoming a victim of many abnormal, common debilitating health conditions.

Providing your body with the "right stuff" enables it to carry out its innate healing, regenerative and optimized maintenance capacity. If you properly care for your body the way it was designed to function, then it will always protect you, for life."

Awakening the Creator and Healer Within

Change the course of your health for the rest of your life, and live your life in the higher realms of total health vibrancy.

Transform or elevate your total health, and never be a victim of the all-too-common degenerative disease process that continues to debilitate and ruin the lives of millions of people.

Build holistic knowledge backed solidly by real science and Mary Esther's over forty years experience in professional practice witnessing stunning health transformations.

Combine the up-to-date science and ancient art of true health mastery and  never be a victim of misinformation again.

Real life health transformations confirm that Esther's True Health Mastery System is the only way to effectively manage your health, even if you've tried everything, have done your own research, but still have unresolved health issues. 

Click on the video below; it's the most important life-saving video you may ever see.

  • When you Master Your Health, You Will Have Changed Your Entire Inner Ecology

  • When You Have Optimized Your Inner Ecology, Your Life Can't Help But Change

  • Highly Informed Health Management Choices in Alignment with Nature's Universal Laws Open New Energy Pathways Within that Profoundly Influence the World

  • Ultimately, a Finely Tuned Person Does Make a Difference, Even Unconsciously.​ 

  • Experience mental, emotional and spiritual balance that can soon be achieved through the principles of True Health Mastery.

Hi. I'm Mary Esther Gilbert. I'm in my sixties and I feel young, strong, and have an abundance of physical and mental energy. 

I wish everyone felt this great! This is why I'm inviting you to feel this wonderful every day, too, and to not have to worry about having fatigue, weakness, fragility, chronic pain and degenerative illness disrupt, limit, or ruin your life.

Such signs of degenerating health occur when there are missing nutrient factors your body needs every day in order to fight the slowly killing (sometimes silent) and miserable disease process, and to stay vibrantly healthy well into your nineties and beyond. 

You, too, can avoid the fearful process of degenerating health toward those dreaded diseases that ruin lives by following my time proven, evidence-based, True Health Mastery System. 

For over forty years, this life-changing, complete nutritional and holistic health management system has taught my clients, students, audiences and readerships what they need to know to transform their physical health from a state of rapid aging and deterioration, to a state of youthful metabolism, renewed energy and vitality, and luminous health vibrancy--even if nothing else had ever worked for them before. 

There is a fundamental reason why millions of people are failing in their health management that is very overlooked. It is because they have been grossly misled as to what the human body needs to protect itself and to thrive throughout life and well into advancing years, without disease or rapid health deterioration. 

The population is prevented from having a real understanding of how the human body works at the micro cell level, and are therefore easily misled, exploited and influenced toward misinformation and propaganda designed to keep people sick, confused, worried, uncertain--and sometimes desperate. 

The ultimate THM System I created is the result of three college degrees in nutritional physiology and holistic nutrition, over forty years experience as a nutritional science and botanical medicines researcher/writer. 

With forty years experience in professional practice as a holistic nutritional healing specialist , I have witnessed the dramatic health transformations of clients and students who applied my science-backed health-restoring protocols that confirm the ancient healing wisdom of the ages. 

But although the system is scientifically sound even in its holistic aspects, it is so successful because it doesn't fight nature; it cooperates fully with its universal laws. 

This highly nourishing system that is in perfect harmony with how the body works and in perfect balance with the laws of nature is the absolute foundation for elevating one's mental capacity, emotional balance, and psychological well being. 

Most of all, the health transformations that inevitably occur are the result of implementing my system, which literally lights up the energy body at the quantum energy level to a higher frequency of vibration associated with the lack of disease.

My True Health Mastery System provides you with the exact guidelines that cooperate fully with how your body is designed, which in turn, is in full energy flow with the very pulse of life at the quantum level of your inner universe.

Ensuring an unobstructed energy flow in the body requires providing the correct molecular nourishment the trillions of cells in your body can identify and utilize to keep you alive and thriving with complete health freedom--indefinitely. 

The main mistake people make in attempting to make the right health decisions is to try to outsmart the universal natural laws that propel life itself, and that govern how the body's trillions of cells and multiple trillions of processes work perpetually and in synergy to keep you alive and thriving.

Those universal laws govern the perpetual forces of all things at the infinite sub-quantum levels and which extend throughout the infinite universe.Your inner universe is affected by the outside world since everything you provide it or the choices you make have a cascade effect both inside your body and upon the world.

In realizing how intricately connected you are to the world,it's futile to try to outmaneuver the universal laws that govern how your body works. Trying any shortcuts, such as fast weight loss, has never worked in the long term because it disrupts the body's chemistry and metabolism that inevitably results in various negative health effects. 

Overlooking or ignoring the original cause of a health problem and silencing its symptoms results in a negative cascade of reactions that invariably produce unwanted or hazardous side effects. 

Such hasty actions often have negative consequences such as unsafe side effects, and also encourage corporations that don't necessarily care if their products harm your health or if their production processes adversely affect the Earth's ecology.Therefore, your health choices either protect your health and that of the Earth, or those choices pollute and destroy them. 

Most health problems of today originate with chronic nutrient deficiencies combined with the accumulation of toxins in the body as the result of exposure to environmental pollutants and toxic synthetic ingredients in foodstuffs and consumer products. 

Therefore your choices matter not only to your overall health and well being, they matter to our beautiful planet, whose health is ailing due to the unwitting toxic choices made by human beings. 

A healthy planet means healthy people and all other living things that help harmonize healthy ecosystems in the interdependent web of life. Your own highly informed, healthy choices means supporting businesses that help protect the health of the Earth. 

You are therefore an intricate part of the whole consciousness that is influencing outcomes that can either destroy your health, or build optimal healthvibrancy and perpetuate robustly healthful human beings that coexist within a healthy, balanced Earth ecology.

The True Health Mastery System is in full cooperation with how your body works by fulfilling the full range of biologically correct nutrient factors it needs to thrive and create conditions that make the disease process impossible. It provides the wide variety of choices that ensures your body receives what it needs to promote real health vibrancy at the cellular quantum energy level, where enlightened human consciousness connects to the Source. 

When we tap into the universal flow of energy that permeates our existence, we tap into the very pulse of life itself. So the key to reversing the state of the disease process over 75% of the population suffers from today is to start with elevating your own state of health. Provide your body with all of the biologically correct, viable and essential substances that move energy within your body and beyond it, and therefore energize and move your life. 

This means providing your body exactly what it needs to perpetually repair, regenerate, recharge and rejuvenate itself by protecting the genetic code of instructions in the DNA that resides within every single one of your trillions of cells that comprise your entire body. 

Protecting the very instructions that make your body operate is the key to thrive and live happily well into advancing years with worry-free, optimal health. 

There is only ONE WAY to do this. I will show you exactly how to become your own absolutely healthiest version of yourself through applying the True Health Mastery principles countless people have happily implemented and that victoriously changed their lives.

Do you or someone you care about suffer from a debilitating health condition? Do you have a chronic health issue that you're suffering with every day? Do you wish to drastically slow the aging process and still be physically active and mentally sound well into your nineties and beyond? Imagine the life you could lead without being physically debilitated and by removing the financial burden of medical costs.

If your health is suffering and the health management choices you've made so far are not bringing your health back, you're not alone, and this is why: it's because you haven't been given the whole truth of what automatically helps your body restore itself back toward optimal health. 

Most people don't know the extent to which they have been misled because this knowledge has been hidden, which is that your body knows how to heal and restore itself to the greatest possible state of health as long as it regularly receives the correct molecules.

If you provide it with the full range of nutrient factors with the correctly structured molecules that match the genetic code of instructions in the DNA of every single cell in your body, then your body will repair, rejuvenate and restore optimal functioning in virtually every body system. 

Your body's genetic code of instructions in your DNA is built to thrive, yet you have been led away from the precious knowledge needed in order to experience life at a higher energy body-mind-spirit level, and has prevented you from being aware of and connecting to your higher self.

However, there are no fast fixes in nature. However, through the ongoing, rapid regenerative process of replicating and building new cells in every body system every moment, the body will re-balance its biochemistry, heal itself and constantly work to maintain optimal functioning if and only if you give it what it needs to do this amazing work. 

Eating right takes on a whole new and profound meaning when you know exactly what you're doing to protect your health and be at peace so that you will not succumb to those miserable health conditions so many suffer with today. 

Eating right takes on a whole new and profound meaning when you know exactly what you're doing to protect your health and be at peace so that you will not succumb to those miserable health conditions so many suffer with today. 

After over four decades of teaching clients, students, audiences and readerships my True Health Mastery SystemTM, and witnessing the body's amazing ability to recover itself as a result, there have been countless health transformations and with them, the positive and profound life changes that inevitably follow.

I have taught clients, students, audiences and readerships how to prevent or recover from the debilitating disease process that is at this moment robbing millions of people of their quality of life. If this is you, I have the way out with my time-proven protocol that can be easily tailored for individual needs.

You can start your health protecting, life-changing, true health transformation process, starting right now. I'll teach you everything you need to know so you don't have to be a victim of a corrupted system that distorts truths and pushes unqualified and unsubstantiated advice, ever again.

The True Health Transformation Process

Achieving true health transformations requires real scientific knowledge to guard against confusing and contradictory misinformation and marketing hype, and requires building an understanding of the natural laws that govern the body that have always guided the healing wisdom of the ages.

Managing one's health in full cooperation with the body's innate design invariably leads to many surprising, profound life changes, which in turn have more far reaching effects in the world than one could ever imagine. Think "butterfly effect".

Learning what needs to be done to prevent you from becoming a victim requires stopping all the nonsense and focusing on the fundamental science of your own physiology. Without this strong foundation of truth, such knowledge takes time to build. People are typically and rather easily pulled into the overwhelming amount of hype thrown at them from all sides.


Certain televised and published media, certain online marketers with their own profit agendas and their own version of health advice that is often incomplete, uninformed or misinformed medical practitioners, the somewhat knowledgeable local health store employees pressured to make sales, and other well meaning people who do their own research can seem credible and convincing. Along with some holistic health professionals, as wonderful as their specialized healing modalities and practices are, often do not address the needs of the body's inner micro ecology, the root of 99% of health issues. 

Rarely does any person in the above categories have clients and students with stunning and dramatic health transformations in body, mind and soul--total health. This requires decades of education, professional experience and a depth of knowledge from years of ongoing research, consulting and educating people. It requires integrating several modalities that combine to heal the energy flow in the body along with the physical ailment, and that heal the human spirit.

With millions of people suffering from some kind of diminished health condition caused by the modern world for at least the last two or three generations, it is now perceived to be the norm, but most importantly, millions of people whose health is diminished do not realize that this trend is far from normal. 

The only way to fix this epidemic of physical deterioration, impaired brain functioning and diminished cognitive awareness is to understand and change the many factors that have reduced a person's whole health potential, and have therefore obstructed their true capacity of becoming a more highly evolved human being.

If the health advice you have received so far has not resulted in all of the following authentic whole health attributes listed below, then it is likely incomplete, incorrect, or only partially good advice. True health means:

  • Noticeable health improvements within days or a couple of weeks.

  • Improvement in daily physical stamina and mental energy.

  • Alleviation of a variety of general aches and pains, headaches, and other chronic health problems.

  • Consistently feeling energetic and being more productive in daily activities.

  • Improved brain functioning: improved focus, concentration and learning capacity.

  • Improved cognitive functioning and psychological steadiness.

  • Becoming aware of negative thoughts and replacing them with new perspectives and insights, positive thoughts.

  • Perceiving stress differently, making decisions calmly and rationally for your higher good.

  • Improved ability to perceive and interact with others; improved interactions and relationships.

  • Experiencing feelings of happiness and inner calm, and the ability to bring oneself back to this state whenever it is disrupted.

  • Better able to handle stress and solve problems: taking more positive action, being more proactive rather than reactive, using techniques and perspective for maintaining mind clarity and calm.

  • Increased desire to expand on life's possibilities and make new decisions.

  • Better equipped for creating and manifesting a more satisfying, purposeful life that inevitably attracts loving relationships, nurtures inner peace and a sense of inner happiness.

  • Acquire a higher cellular vibrational energy state that illuminates the trillions of energy-active cells throughout the entire being, and irresistibly attracts positive people and things into your life, as it opens the gateway for influencing the kind of world you desire at the quantum energy level.

  • As ongoing experiments in physics reveal that everything is composed of 97% vibrational energy that can be influenced through mind and emotions, and that optimally healthful people vibrate at higher energy frequencies than sick people, becoming the change you wish to see in yourself and the world begins with the optimal functioning of your trillions of cells that direct all body systems.


Get started in transforming your health, starting now through True Health Mastery


Experience the consistent mental, emotional and spiritual balance highly informed and truly healthful people have that is guaranteed to fuel your success throughout the rest of your life.

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