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APLGo Products and Free Documents

Note: the APL Product Reference Nutritional Health Guide is no longer available; it has been revised. The new title, Potent Superfoods for Lifelong True Healthcan be purchased here.




Product Call Q & A 

With Mishel Stonely and Tina D'Angelo

February 22, 2023

Product Call Q & A With Tina D'Angelo

March 13, 2023

Product Call Q & A on NRM 

With Ruth Mayne April 13, 2023

Product Call Q & A on ALT

With Tina McMullen Malsom May 8, 2023

Product Call Q & A on SLD With Ruth Mayne June 12, 2023

Balsam Pear (Charantia momordica) Fruit in SLD 

Product Call With Tina Casper D'Angelo Q & A  HPR -July 2023

Product Call with Carmen Lopez Q & A PFT August 2023

Product Call With Ruth Mayne Q & A
AIR September 2023
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