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Coming 3rd Quarter 2024

The True Health Mastery Institute of 

 Holistic Personal Health Management

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Get on the right path toward your optimal health vibrancy.

Activate Dormant DNA and experience your higher human potential. 


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Ms. Gilbert integrates a system of protocols using botanical medicines and energy-active whole foods through her health transformational, True Health Mastery and Nutritional Synergy System, known for restoring authentic health at the cellular, quantum energy levels. 


Her evidence-based nutritional protocols provide the healing power of nutrient dense, energy-active superfoods to activate dormant DNA, and raise the light energy frequencies of the body’s bioenergetic field.


Years of client successes demonstrate that nutrient-dense cellular nourishment, done knowledgeably through synergy and balance, is the foundation from which to build extraordinary health, to be free of the degenerative disease process, revive youthful vitality, and reset one's biological age.


As a True Healthy Mastery Institute  member subscriber, avoid being a victim of the abnormal debilitating, degenerative disease process that ruins millions of lives. Build holistic healing knowledge that has been passed down through generations of  healers, and is continually being confirmed by thousands of peer-reviewed, scientific studies.


Learn to recognize: common misconceptions, misinformation, and contradictory advice; misleading propaganda and marketing ploys. Learn to distinguish which supplements are most effective for optimal functioning and never again waste money on ineffective supplements.


Prevent and reverse health problems toward profound health recovery. Activate your body’s innate healing, restorative, and protective capacity. Maintain optimal health vibrancy and experience life at your higher potential.


Be the inspiration for true health vibrancy and quality longevity through your own health transformation, and witness how you affect and elevate humanity in ways you may never have thought possible.


"In full cooperation with the universal natural laws, one must care for the body the way it was designed. By acknowledging the powerful forces that govern the body’s inner universe, the disease process is halted and reversed back toward optimal health vibrancy, in resonance and as one with the energetic flow of the Earth, and the entire Universe.

Members enjoy:

  • Staying highly informed, acquiring the knowledge needed to enjoy optimal, worry-free health, for life.

  • Having an expert holistic nutritional consultant accessible to answer your questions. (The more you learn, the more questions you'll have.)

  • Learning about the physiology of nutrition for more effective nutritional health management, saving time and money, and avoiding debilitating health in the future.

  • Choosing the combinations of foods for their synergistic health and healing benefits.

  • Eliminating confusing or often contradictory misinformation and learning how to quickly recognize it.

  • Having exclusive access to the members only archived library of recorded webinars and educational videos.

  • Free ebooks, up-to-date reports about the science and ancient art of nutritional health and healing.

  • Webinars on nutritional protocols for specific ailments.

  • Webinars on the health benefits of specific super foods, herbs, and botanical medicinals.

  • Especially discounted Health Mastery online courses for members only that can ensure your optimal health vibrancy the rest of your life. 

  • Access to the best nutritional supplements in the world, avoiding wasting money on insufficient or inadequate supplements.

  • Learning how to evaluate supplement products to select the right nutritional supplements for your needs every time, and learning which supplements to reject that are incomplete, inadequate, potentially harmful, and therefore a waste of money.

  • Live Q & A's

  • Free True Health Journal Newsletter

  • And much more.

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